Welcome to Pack 56 (www.pack56.com)

Welcome to Pack 56 located in New Orleans, LA, chartered by Lusher Charter School

This site is intended to inform the parents and Scouts of Pack 56 about upcoming events as well as to provide resources to the parents and leaders of Pack 56 so we can deliver a quality program for our boys.

For the protection of our Scouts and their families you must have a user ID and password to access most of our site.

If you are interested in joing our Pack, the joing information and forms can be found to the left in the Membership Forms link.

The Calendar is set!

Posted on Jul 21 2018 - 3:23pm

Yes it is here.  The entire 2018-2019 year is planned and posted on the Pack calendar.  Some details will be filled in later but all the dates are there for the meetings and weekend events.  You can sync the Pack's calendar with your smart phone or google calendar.

Please excuse our dust

Posted on Jul 19 2018 - 1:53pm

There is a good deal system revisions and data revisions taking place over the next few weeks.  You may notice some anomalies.  You will also see some new dens as well as a new Scout family on the roster.  The "Sample" Family has a child in every den, both a girl and a boy!  No, this is not some strange family that joined our Pack, It is a fictitious family of Scouts and Parents set up in order for the leaders to work on some new features in the software we use.

Email and Information Errors - please log in

Posted on Jul 14 2018 - 6:03pm

The New Scout/School year is almost upon us - We are cleaning up the database and email system.  
Please log into the website and check your information.  Email any errors or changes to me (Richard)
If you should not be receiving the emails & eBlast please email me (Richard) and I will remove you from our system .

We NEED YOU! Really YOU!

Posted on Jul 8 2018 - 11:27am

We will be adding Girl dens to the Pack next year.  With the official inclusion of girls into the Cub Scout Program there will be additional leadership requirements.  We need more leaders.  We Must have 2 den leaders for any grade level in which we have girls.  Meaning if we have both boys and girls in the Pack as Tigers (1st Graders) we need TWO registered and fully trained tiger den leaders and two registered and fully trained assistant Tiger den leaders.  If we have both boys and girls in the Wolf level (2nd Grade) we need TWO registered and fully trained Wolf den leaders and two registered and fully trained assistant Wolf den leaders.  Etc...

Training, Training, Training!

Posted on Jul 8 2018 - 11:26am

There are all sorts of changes coming this year - Part of it will be BSA National (and Our Council) enforcing the training requirements for all leaders.  Meaning leaders who are not position trained will be dropped from the leadership roster.  We have never had a problem in the past having our leaders trained so it should not be an issue in the future BUT we need everyone to complete their training.

ON-Line Application - OFF LINE

Posted on Jun 11 2018 - 7:44am

We have been testing and attempting to switch to the BSA (national) on-line application system.  After more than a year of testing and modifying, our council has discontinued/suspended the on-line registration system until further notice.  We need New Leaders and New Scouts to use the paper applications.

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