Pack 56

Pack 56 is chartered by Lusher Charter School in the uptown area of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Pack 56 is in the Fleur de Lis District of the Southeast Louisiana Council.
The Pack meets every other Thursday from 5:30-6:30 in the Lusher Lower School Cafeteria.
For more information about Pack 56 or to join, email richard@pack56.com.

The Pack has a closed group on Facebook to post pictures and other info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LusherPack56/

Pack 56 was established 25 years ago through the hard work of Roland "Tiger" Hymel after the original Lusher Pack (Pack 22) went inactive for a number of years.  

So what do Cub Scouts do? See this link and explore. BSA Cub Scout Info and/or see the PDF version of a recent Power Point Presentation attached below

Pack 56 is run by parent volunteers and parent Volunteer Leaders

Pack/Committee Leadership 2016-2017 (being updated)

  • Chartered Organization Representative: Richard Exnicios (richard@pack56.com)
  • Pack Committee Chairperson: Bryant Carroll
  • Cubmaster: Erik Arnold
  • Assistant Cubmaster:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Assistant Cubmaster for Tigers:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Assistant Cubmaster for Wolves:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Assistant Cubmaster for Bears:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Assistant Cubmaster Webelos:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Assistant Cubmaster for Arrow of Light:  THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Treasurer: Kelly Carroll
  • Outdoor Activities: THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Pack Trainer: Nancy Exnicios
  • Sibling & Family Programs: Katheryn Arnold
  • Troop/Pack Liasons: Bryant Carroll, Richard Exnicios, Nancy Exnicios, Erik Arnold
  • Committee Members: We Need You!
  • **All Den Leaders and Assistants are also members of the Pack Committee

Den Leadership

Den Chiefs: (Scouts from Troop 56)

  • Miles Arnold
  • Bryant Carroll

For more information or to join Pack 56 email Erik or Richard